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In Partnership

Eviden's partnership with Hope TEC is a direct result of the successful community organization.


Eviden support allows Hope TEC to provide educational life empowerment programs for adults and children in our communities throughout the Chicagoland area.


Eviden and Hope TEC's relationship continues to grow, allowing enriched technology and educational services; together they empower the lives of hundreds of adults and children and enhance thousands of family lifestyles.

More about Eviden

Eviden is a next-gen technology leader in data-driven, trusted and sustainable digital transformation.

With a strong portfolio of patented technologies and worldwide leading positions in advanced computing, security, AI, cloud and digital platforms, Eviden expands the possibilities of data and technology across the digital continuum, now and for generations to come. 


Want to learn more?

If you want to learn more about Eviden and Hope TEC's partnership, please reach out to Sarah Garton, Eviden Americas' Head of Corporate Social Responsibility. 

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