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Executive Director

Julie Collier

Executive Director Julie Collier brings vision, passion, and an unyielding dedication to the Hope Technology and Education Center (Hope TEC).   She is recognized for her drive and visionary leadership. Hope TEC established to close the digital divide by making computer technology and training available in the inner city.  Collier combines her enthusiasm for helping others with her expertise in information technology, administrative support, and project management as she leads the not-for-profit Hope TEC.  


Under her leadership, the technology center has grown to offer classes five days a week. Hundreds of adults have participated in Hope TEC’s technology classes. Additionally, many Chicago Public School students enrolled in the centers' summer and after-school programs. Hope TEC’s goal is to empower residents of disadvantaged communities by equipping them with the computer, and technology skills to compete in the global economy. She envisions Hope TEC to provide health and wellness educational seminars to improve the overall lifestyles of individuals, families, and unified communities.


Before her current position, Collier worked for more than ten years as an information technology project manager for IBM. She directed infrastructure projects from inception to production for the Fortune 500 Company’s Corporate customers.


She is responsible for overseeing vital aspects of Hope TEC, including, strategic planner, program developer, executive administrator, curricula creator, and daily  operations manager. When not juggling operational, administrative responsibilities, Collier is in the classroom teaching. “I am passionate about educating and motivating adults by creating and facilitating relatable training content using best-practice cutting-edge solutions, incorporating measurable performance metrics, and positively influencing individuals personal and professional performances,” the Chicago native says.    


Collier holds a Master of Arts in Education, Adult Education and Training, Bachelor of Science Degree in Computer Information Systems, Certified Microsoft Office Master Specialist, and she is an experienced Professional Coach.

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