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What Our Students Are Saying...

Pamela Burrell

I would like to thank Hope TEC and the wonderful teacher, Ms. Julie for providing this program and all the computer knowledge that it contained.  I learned about the newer version of word, the features and so much more.  I needed this knowledge to continue my job search.  I was able to brush up on word and other skills I had completely forgotten due to a lack of use.  Now I am ready for the Microsoft Office Assessments at the Temp Agencies to land my new job.


Evelyn O’Neil

In the Beginners Class at HOPE TEC, I really gained computer knowledge.  I learned the function of the main components of the computer:  How to browse the internet, how to set up a Gmail account, and how to manage my email, How to send emails with attachments.  I learned the difference between uploading and downloading documents.  In addition, I learned how to save and find a document on the desktop, and How to copy and paste.  This knowledge will be so helpful in working at the Tax Office.  Thank you, HOPE TEC!

Louise Tatum 

Since we live in a technology-driven society, the insight and knowledge I acquired through the Microsoft Office Classes offered by HOPE Tech Center, have given me an opportunity to regain entrance into the corporate area.  Specifically, the operation in Microsoft Excel, while a lot of people can use a simple SUM or IF formula, but to seamlessly write and combine formulas like SUMIFS, SUMPRODUCT, INDEX, MATCH, LOOKUP formulas.  I am extremely grateful for this knowledge.

Latania Moore 

The HOPE TEC experience has increased my knowledge of the Microsoft Office software, such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.  This class has been encouraging to me and allowed me to become more credible for future employers.  The instructor, Julie Collier, was exemplary in her teachings; Julie is very knowledgeable and exhibits patience with all her students.  She encourages and motivates all of her students to interact as team players and excel in their studies.


Ammie Tillman  

At HOPE TEC, most importantly for me was getting to meet Ms. Julie and the knowledge she passed on to me.  I improved my typing skills, learned how to enhance my resume, how to copy and paste, how to use a flash drive, and operate PowerPoint and so many basics.  As a result, my communicating skills in my career are sure to generate much success.  I am grateful to HOPE TEC.


Jacqueline O'Neal


 "I was laid-off from the Chicago Public School (CPS). I did not have the computer knowledge required for the paperwork.  I enrolled to HOPE TEC, completed the programs, and went back to CPS for a substitute teaching position.  Not only did I know how to go on-line and fill-out my application and attach my resume, but I can now complete the on-line required paper work, I am very thankful to HOPE TEC.”

Alisha Johnson


 "Hope TEC was a Godsent opportunity," says Alisha, who completed 14 weeks of training in two computer applications, PowerPoint and Excel.  "Now I have the computer skills and confidence to move forward in my job search." Alisha earned a high score of 99 percent on the PowerPoint skills test administered by the City Colleges of Chicago where she applied for a job and was recently hired as a Clerical Assistant.

Angela McCoy


 “I lost my job after 14 1/2 years and was searching for a new job. I realized that I was missing some necessary tools for the work world. I was computer illiterate and had never written a resume. Now I have a resume and the computer skills I need to further my employment search. I also have regained my self-esteem. “I would like to thank HOPE TEC, its staff, and sponsors. I’m forever grateful.”

Ken Holyfield


“I had some experience with Word but I had no idea Word was this in-depth, I completed a three-part advance study of the Microsoft application at HOPE TEC.  This is a great benefit that’s much needed. With all that’s going on in Englewood, HOPE TEC is a blessing.  It’s a blessing for Englewood. Actually, it’s a blessing for Chicago. And more people need to know about it.”  After completing the HOPE TEC program, SCR Transportation hired Ken to work in the desktop support capacity.


Carol Johnson


 “I was very impressed with the pace and structure of the classes. Students were able to keep pace with homework and activities. The instructors were very knowledgeable and, when asked, were able to provide one-on-one assistance. Great program!”


Clyde Perry


“My comprehension and confidence have blossomed to the point where now I am able to look at computers as a help and not a challenge. The class and training are so beneficial to me. Now I can perform payroll, develop spreadsheets, edit and hide text, and I have more understanding. Thank you HOPE Technology! The program and instructor are such a blessing.”


Marilyn Lankin


“I was apprehensive and intimidated by computers. But I can proudly say that I have overcome those fears. Classes at the HOPE Technology and Education Center are small and the instructor, Ms. Julie, is patient, kind, and understanding. She made me feel confident and assured me that I would learn what I needed to know. I’m so glad to be able to apply my new computer knowledge during my job search.”


Christina Adams


 “I realized I needed to improve my computer skills during my previous employment. I struggled with so many things.  So I jumped at the opportunity to enroll in free computer classes at HOPE TEC.  I learned far more than I expected to and I am very pleased.”

Annie Hill


“The Microsoft Word class was very helpful and informative – I learned how to use various functions to produce one document or many documents in an easy and more efficient way. The information I gained, I plan to use in the workplace as well as in some of the other projects I do at home and for my church. I recommend the program to anyone who wants to learn more about computers and MS Word. This is definitely a beacon of light in the community.”


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